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Pet Angels Page

Sadly, our pets don’t live as long as we do–and if you’ve ever wondered why, we think we know.

You see, people are born so that they can learn how to live a good life: how to love, how to be kind, how to be loyal.

But our pets are born already knowing how to do that, so they don’t have to stay as long!

Here at East York Veterinary Hospital, we would like to help you honor the pets that gave you their love, kindness, and loyalty before they passed on. Please fill out the form below, so we can add your “Pet Angel” to our memorial page.

To light your candle, just follow these three easy steps:

  • 1. Enter the name of the pet you are remembering:

  • 2. Enter the name(s) of the candle lighters: ex. John, Barbara and Amy with love

  • 3. Pick a candle

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  • Candle 2 For Benjamin ~Lit by~ Missing you so much, Mommy

  • Candle 4 For Minnie ~Lit by~ Jennifer Fink
    Beloved Pet Minnie
    Forever Loved and Missed
    Love, Mommy

  • Candle 2 For Nala ~Lit by~ Keith and Kevin
    In memory of our dear Nala. May you be a peace.

  • Candle 3 For Scamp ~Lit by~ Matthew
    Goodbye baby Scamp.

  • Candle 2 For Stella ~Lit by~ Barb (Mom)
    "How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard"-Winnie the Pooh.

    Goodbye to my little warrior cat. I'll miss you and love you forever.

  • Candle 2 For Clarice ~Lit by~ Heather
    Rest Easy

  • Candle 4 For Clarice ~Lit by~ Brandy, Tim, Jack, Mason & Callie
    Rest easy pretty girl. You’re 100% healed now & can have all the fun you want!

  • Candle 4 For Clarice ~Lit by~ Sister Renee
    Rest easy

  • Candle 4 For Clarice ~Lit by~ Deanna (Mudder)
    I love you my bestest companion…my Reese girl

  • Candle 4 For Pandora ~Lit by~ Ken and Michelle Love you baby girl

  • Candle 4 For Tessie ~Lit by~ Glen & Michelle
    Thanks for all your love!

  • Candle 1 For Blackie Yoder ~Lit by~ Josie Yoder
    He was always loved and a very loving cat

    Blackie Yoder
  • Candle 4 For Chloe ~Lit by~ Trudy
    Chloe, I miss you so much! It’s been a year & nothing seems the same without you! I 💕 you so much !

  • Candle 4 For Chloe ~Lit by~ Trudy
    Chloe, it’s been a year & I still miss you so much. Things are not the same without you here! I love ❤️ you so much!

  • Candle 1 For ACE ~Lit by~ Sierra and Chase
    We miss you so much! Hope your running happily and free in heaven!

  • Candle 4 For Brownie ~Lit by~ Mom
    😻We miss our sweet Brownie.😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻

  • Candle 1 For Ramsey Reinhold ~Lit by~ Mary and Bob Reinhold
    Ramsey was loving and much loved- we will miss him always

  • Candle 2 For Hemi ~Lit by~ David, Autumn, and the kids

  • Candle 3 For Beerus ~Lit by~ Nahisha
    To my best friend, my emotional support. I love you always and I know you’ll forever be by my side guiding me. You were amazing and will be greatly missed. I love you Beerus until we meet again.

  • Candle 3 For Waddles ~Lit by~ Adam and Bella
    Not only a best friend, You were and are family. This has taken a little while to write because I'm honestly at a loss for words, we all are… because you were and are that amazing and mean that much to us. Just when I think in all the good and bad in life that my heart personally cannot love unconditionally for yet another through everything, you reached in there and absolutely stole my heart/ all of our hearts and just the same when I thought I could not possibly hurt any more than I hurt and that I've already been hurt and thought my heart could not break any more than what it was, in an instance my taped together heart shattered even further into pieces when God called you away. They say animals understand even though our languages are different, we feel this in our hearts.. But I only hope you truly knew and know how we felt… how I felt… and what you meant to us… to me… Waddles. We all are so so so unimaginably grateful for every single moment we got and even more so than can be dreamt especially with our time being way… way to short. We miss you every moment…. I miss you every moment… through our walks, our rock climbing, our talks, my tears, your nose wiggling sniffs, your walking waddles, my smiles, your yawns, our life struggles, your dooking, our playtime, you hiding and playing with your thousands of toys… our fun and adventures.. the ups and downs in life we shared and were there for each other… and so much more… Our every moment… more than could ever be truly said or imagined I only hope you knew and know what you meant and mean to us and to my life personally and how much we love you and miss you every single second and how much you bettered us all… especially me… Although your time was way to short you left an unimageable mark on our lives. We are so grateful for you, so proud of you, love and miss you always beyond words. You are always in our hearts and always in our minds.. Always in our smiles and always in our tears. We know you are no longer in pain… and we are grateful for that.. but yet we are lost and our hearts are so broken of course without you… We hope you hear us still talking to you and telling you we love you and how much we really miss you…We picture you playing freely, sniffing, wiggling, waddling, roaming, sleeping peacefully, and so much more… Waiting just like us for the day that we meet again and are once again reunited… We love you Waddles more than you probably truly could have ever imagined or really known but hopefully through everything… hopefully you knew and do know just how much and how much you meant and will always mean to us. Rest in peace our dear amazing wonderful precious floof. We love and miss you always.

  • Candle 4 For Chloe ~Lit by~ Trudy
    I miss you so much, Chloe! You were such a happy little dog. I’ll love 💕 you and miss you forever!!

  • Candle 2 For Blondi ~Lit by~ Rose & Mike Beal all our Love
    Our beautiful girl, you are missed so much but I know you are without pain. You’ll always be in our hearts!

  • Candle 2 For Stitch ~Lit by~ Jackie, Jack, Jackson, and Val
    We love you, buddy. May you rest in peace and be free of your pain.

  • Candle 4 For Chloe ~Lit by~ Trudy
    Dear Chloe,
    I’ve loved you for almost 16 years. I miss you so much! You were the best dog in every way. I hope you are happy now and in no more pain.
    I’ll love and miss you forever,
    Trudy, aka, your Mom.

  • Candle 2 For Pancho ~Lit by~ Waldinoshka-Johanna-Waldy
    Gracias por estos 4 años que estuviste haciendo maldades y jugando con nosotros y tu hermanitas…nunca t olvidaremos Pancho 😪

  • Candle 2 For Pancho ~Lit by~ Waldinoshka-Johanna-Waldy
    Gracias por estos 4 años que estuviste haciendo maldades y jugando con nosotros y tu hermanitas…nunca t olvidaremos Pancho 😪

  • Candle 3 For Soufflé ~Lit by~ Keri, Mama who misses you terribly
    Thank you for loving me and trusting me with your care. Eight wonderful years sharing life with you. You are forever in my heart! Muss you so so much, my sweet Furbabe

  • Candle 1 For Pip ~Lit by~ His mom
    Pip, you were the best snuggler, ever. You were my best buddy and with your passing, you took a huge piece of my heart. Pip, your brothers and I miss you terribly. Our lives are not the same without you. My Pipper D., I love you.
    Love, Your Mom

  • Candle 1 For Pepper Daugherty ~Lit by~ Mom and Dad with love.
    The smartest and yet most stubborn dog we’ve had.
    A dog that found my cancer before the doctors did.
    We will miss you every day and love you always.

    Pepper Daugherty
  • Candle 3 For Gretchen & Butterscotch ~Lit by~ Prudence & Family with Love
    We miss you both. Thanks for bringing us so much joy, love, and happiness. Always with love.

    Gretchen & Butterscotch
  • The sweetest little girl! She saw our family through good & bad times with love & her unique disposition. We miss her every day!

  • Always in our hearts…


Candles from the Team at EYVC

  • 1. Enter the name of the pet you are remembering:

  • 2. Enter the name(s) of the candle lighters: ex. John, Barbara and Amy with love

  • 3. Pick a candle

  • Max. file size: 128 MB.
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