This page is dedicated to the memory of our clients' pets who have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.  If you would like to memorialize your pet on our Pet Angel page, please submit a photo and any information you would like to include to




 Pet Angel Haskett re size


Lucy Haskett, age 13, 8/7/2002 - 7/15/2016

Lucy was Mommy's little girl from the day I brought her and her sister home in 2002.  She was such a little snuggle-bug!  She loved to be in my lap or snuggled up next to me, and she always snuggled with me in bed at night. She also loved to climb under the covers, and if I ever couldn't find her that's usually where she was. When Daddy and his kitty came into our lives she was the first to fully accept him, even though she was always the shy kitty. She loved and snuggled with her new Daddy a lot, but she never forgot to snuggle with her Mommy.

We were so lucky to have her for so long; only a few weeks shy of her 14th birthday.  We're heartbroken and we miss her terribly.  It's especially difficult because she was the only kitty of ours without any known health issues, so it was a huge shock for her to get sick and pass away within 24 hours; but at least we know she didn't suffer.  The four of us will keep her in our hearts and will continue to remember her love and her sweet nature until we meet again at Rainbow Bridge...

Susan and Jeff Haskett

Riley Klinedinst

Riley Klinedinst

Riley was the gentle giant of our ragtag bunch.  Riley was never without a ball in his paws and a smile on his face.  He is now with his little brother, Winston, and his grandpa chasing the ball all over Heaven.  Riley never saw a ball he did not like.  Our hearts are heavy, however, we know he is now happy and without pain and suffering.  Heaven just got a little more lively with this new addition.

Cheri & Joel Klinedinst


Kalli May Owen, age 10 years

Kalli May loved to play all day outside with her frisbee and tennis balls! She would play all day if she could!  She loved getting bowl treats alongside her brother, Omar.  And she enjoyed playing with Omar until he passed in May ... then Chance took over the role of 'kitty brother.' Even though there were no other dogs in the house, Kalli loved to play with the cats when she wasn't lying outside. =)  Kalli was a daddy's girl and would love up on him whenever possible!  Whenever Kalli went for a car ride, she was queen of the car!  She absolutely loved to go for rides!  In the end, Kalli did not suffer and for that we feel grateful. Until we all meet again across the rainbow bridge ...   

Heather Owen (Adams)


                                       Winston Klinedinst

Winston was the love of our lives and the ring leader of our band of marauders. Not a moment goes by that he is not in our hearts and our minds.  Heaven is a more lively place now that he is there.
                                                                     Cheryl and Joel Klinedinst

Oscar Owen, age (almost) 15 years

Oscar loved chasing his brother, being brushed, loved snuggle time and loved licking his favorite catnip toy!  He will be loved and missed by all his human family forever.  Never before has one animal brought so much joy and in the end so much sorrow to one family.  Until we meet again across the rainbow bridge…
                                                                                  Heather Adams

Omar Owen, age (almost) 16 years

Omar loved 'tucking' mommy into bed, greeting daddy when he came home from work, chasing his tail, chasing his brother Oscar- until we lost him last year; then he loved fighting with the dog (although she thought it was playing), getting bowl treats (wet food in a bowl), and last but not least he LOVED being held outside.  The smell of the fresh air must have been wonderful!
He will be sadly missed by his human family!  We are grateful to have had this many years with him.  In the end he did not suffer and for that I am grateful.  Until we meet again across the rainbow bridge...

                                                                        Heather Owen (Adams)

Gracie Girl

We lost our beautiful little Gracie Girl on July 22, 2010 to cancer. Not a day goes by that we don't think of her and wish she was still here. She was a kind, gentle soul and is missed and loved so very much.

                                                                                      Debrah Alvey

Big Doo

Big Doo was a gentle giant and Mommy's self-appointed protector. Heaven has another angel.
                                                                                Dr. Valerie Miller